Monday, 26 March 2012

Sound Track Pro Construction

Here are a few screen grabs showing my process in editing my final opening sequence. Here you can see the different layers and see the depth I have gone into in making sure that the soundtrack is perfectly suited for my film.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Planning Filming

Tool shed = see if it is dark and dirty
My House = will be in lounge
  • Putting on Jumper
  • coins
  • phone (old)
Streets - where she is captured then taken back to the weird place
  • Milk
  • Money
  • Phone
  • Switches from young girl getting ready to man getting ready. Its is opposites because he is packing killing objects and she is only packing money
  • You see them leave at the same time and watch as the young girl is walking to the shops to get milk
  • This is when the man appears and you seen him behind the girl walking slowly (close up of the girls face as the is turning around and sees him there, behind her head as she turns around we see how worried she is. 
  • As he gets closer the girl starts running and you see the man, but the girl falls and drops all her groceries and phone, money. This will be done in slow motion as the camera starts going blurry
  • All that can be seen is the man carrying the young girl in his arms walking into the distance
  • Title will come in after this, there will be a boom sound so it almost scares
Things to Concentrate on:
  • Do NOT make shots unfocused!
  • Make sure they are all steady, exception is when running following the young girl
  • Make sure someone is filming me directing and filming so I turn that into a film/ taking pictures

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Feed back from movie

I have finally finished filming my final video, however when watching it back I realised that a few camera shots were out of focus, and the video didn't quite fulfil my fellow class mates expectations to what a thriller movie should be like. So I had realised that the most sensible thing to do would be to re-do my filming. I now have so many better ideas and will film as soon as I can, this would also mean a new iCal.
The things that I have now decided to ass in to my film are:
- A male character = he will be getting ready to go out, however his scene would be filmed in a creepy place.
- The young girl - She will also be getting ready to go to the shops, the filming between her and the man will be flashed between the two so the audience can see what both characters are doing
- The girls' walked would only take a few seconds
- Most of the opening would just be of them getting ready
- For other bits to add in the film I will edit it so that the whole scene would be monochrome to show that audience so that they can be fore warn before anything bad happens
- I won't show the young girl being kidnapped but just show that she is being followed, so that the audience only had to guess that she will be taken.