Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pictures for location and actors

Lara : Child who is being followed

Jamie: Man stalking small girl

Location and different pictures/ snip-its of whats going to happen


There will be lots of flashing, cutting of news paper, blood will be dripping on to it. However the mans face will not be shown, which will make the atmosphere more mysterious. 

Monday, 17 October 2011

More ideas.

I was doing some more research for how I could start my opening sequence and while on art of the title, I across Coraline (opening title).

 Something that I found interesting about the title was how in the beginning there is only titles with a plain background, then it goes into the opening scene where it is all mostly close up but with an animation typed movie. 

I could interpret this scene to be in my movie by the way that maybe the pedophile is making the doll to give to the little girl, but then I would have to find some on that would be able to make dolls. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Preliminary Task

Screen grab of FCP editing

Although I had previously done my preliminary task in a group, when watching it back I realised that I did not follow the rules for example I only stayed on one side of the camer instead of doing a shot reverse shot and over the shoulder shots. So I improved it and added all the rules like 180degree rule.

Here is my improved Preliminary:

Monday, 3 October 2011

Film Outline

Thoughts for my opening sequence!

Name: Whereabouts

Props: Van for the kidnapping
Random objects in the basment
Toys for the girls to play with out side (bikes/ball)

Costumes: Normal clothes (for the children), black clothes for the kidnapper, I would also need a van

Location: -It would start off in the street, two children playing together
-At a house (only showing the hall way and a child's bedroom)
-In the van
-In an old house/ preferably the basement.

Actors: -Young girl- main role (Lara Hansen)
-Other child (Sarah Hansen)
-Kidnapper (Jamie Sunter)

Music: -Sound trake pro
-A record of me playing the piano