Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Target Audience Survey

I was able to make a survey to find out what I would be able to put in my opening title that the audience's will enjoy, here is my survey.

Here is my interview with someone from my Target Audience

Monday, 12 December 2011

Equipment Test

For our equipment test, we spent a lesson figuring how to work with all of the camera equipment as none of us had ever used them before. We tried using a crane, dolly and on the shoulder camera, this helped me from being able understand the different ways I could use the equipment for my final film.

Sound Track Pro - Seven

Final Product from Sound Track Pro - Seven 

Book of Eli

We worked as a group to re-create a scene from The Book of Eli. We experimented with different camera angles and settings to what we thought would go well with the script we got given. We were not aloud to watch the clip before hand so we had to think carefully about camera angles, location, props and sound effects.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Feed back from Anamatic

As a class we watched each others Anamatic films, this is what all 13 class members had to say about mine Anamatic:

- the music is relevant and the font is good but title move slightly too fast,
- credits should be on for longer and in a bigger font
- Good background music, very effective, no dialogue but it still works very well.
- I like the music it makes the mood feel eery and i like the shoots of the news paper and the cutting shots from one thing to another and then cut to a person and keep cutting back to glass makes us think that it is something that has gone wrong.
- I really like the different music and think that it really sets the scene and I like the different shots and the papers are a good touch
- Nice sound effects, I like how you have added in the newspaper cutting and it would be to hard to draw.images work well with the theme of the music.
- Clear drawings, and good sound effects. I like all the different shots and the contrast of drawings and newspaper. However titles could be a little clear and stay on for longer.
- load music in the background, titles are quite small and hard to read, also quite quick to, flashes from news paper and blood it seems to be, also girl walking around, then flashing back to the blood, and images of someone on a wall somewhere, could be a bedroom, then a trail of blood down a path in the woods.
- I like the way you keep clicking through the same pictures, it adds tension. Some pictures are really clear and some are not too clear.
- nice music, shots are good. Some titles might need to be on for a bit longer.
- The newspaper thing is quite cool. the sound effects are good, but it stops too abruptly. titles are too short.
- the speed of the shots set the pace of the film, the repeated scenes flashing up also gave a good overview of the plot and story
- Good back ground music very affective, no dialogue but it still works very well, very dramatic. Make sure titles don't start on for too long.

How will I improve my film:

From reading these comments I have seen what I need to improve and I hope that by following what other people think is best for my film will only make it better in trying to attract my target audience.