Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Target Audience Survey

I was able to make a survey to find out what I would be able to put in my opening title that the audience's will enjoy, here is my survey.

Here is my interview with someone from my Target Audience

Monday, 12 December 2011

Equipment Test

For our equipment test, we spent a lesson figuring how to work with all of the camera equipment as none of us had ever used them before. We tried using a crane, dolly and on the shoulder camera, this helped me from being able understand the different ways I could use the equipment for my final film.

Sound Track Pro - Seven

Final Product from Sound Track Pro - Seven 

Book of Eli

We worked as a group to re-create a scene from The Book of Eli. We experimented with different camera angles and settings to what we thought would go well with the script we got given. We were not aloud to watch the clip before hand so we had to think carefully about camera angles, location, props and sound effects.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Feed back from Anamatic

As a class we watched each others Anamatic films, this is what all 13 class members had to say about mine Anamatic:

- the music is relevant and the font is good but title move slightly too fast,
- credits should be on for longer and in a bigger font
- Good background music, very effective, no dialogue but it still works very well.
- I like the music it makes the mood feel eery and i like the shoots of the news paper and the cutting shots from one thing to another and then cut to a person and keep cutting back to glass makes us think that it is something that has gone wrong.
- I really like the different music and think that it really sets the scene and I like the different shots and the papers are a good touch
- Nice sound effects, I like how you have added in the newspaper cutting and it would be to hard to draw.images work well with the theme of the music.
- Clear drawings, and good sound effects. I like all the different shots and the contrast of drawings and newspaper. However titles could be a little clear and stay on for longer.
- load music in the background, titles are quite small and hard to read, also quite quick to, flashes from news paper and blood it seems to be, also girl walking around, then flashing back to the blood, and images of someone on a wall somewhere, could be a bedroom, then a trail of blood down a path in the woods.
- I like the way you keep clicking through the same pictures, it adds tension. Some pictures are really clear and some are not too clear.
- nice music, shots are good. Some titles might need to be on for a bit longer.
- The newspaper thing is quite cool. the sound effects are good, but it stops too abruptly. titles are too short.
- the speed of the shots set the pace of the film, the repeated scenes flashing up also gave a good overview of the plot and story
- Good back ground music very affective, no dialogue but it still works very well, very dramatic. Make sure titles don't start on for too long.

How will I improve my film:

From reading these comments I have seen what I need to improve and I hope that by following what other people think is best for my film will only make it better in trying to attract my target audience.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

After Effects - Perfume

Screen shots of me editing Perfume on After Affects

My finished product of After Effects on Perfume

Thursday, 10 November 2011


This is my Animatic video which is called Whereabouts, I got the inspiration of the layout from a film called 'The Fall'.

Here are some of the still pictures:

The other images in my Animatic were :
1. The news paper articles I got off google but in my movie i will use custom made ones
2. The other pictures were iI drew to add as an effect of shocking images
3. I also added some of the pictures were my location pictures

INTERVIEW- Animatic with Target Audience

This was an interview with Elle on what she thought I needed to improve for my opening scene for my final piece and what I she liked and wanted to see.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pictures for location and actors

Lara : Child who is being followed

Jamie: Man stalking small girl

Location and different pictures/ snip-its of whats going to happen


There will be lots of flashing, cutting of news paper, blood will be dripping on to it. However the mans face will not be shown, which will make the atmosphere more mysterious. 

Monday, 17 October 2011

More ideas.

I was doing some more research for how I could start my opening sequence and while on art of the title, I across Coraline (opening title).

 Something that I found interesting about the title was how in the beginning there is only titles with a plain background, then it goes into the opening scene where it is all mostly close up but with an animation typed movie. 

I could interpret this scene to be in my movie by the way that maybe the pedophile is making the doll to give to the little girl, but then I would have to find some on that would be able to make dolls. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Preliminary Task

Screen grab of FCP editing

Although I had previously done my preliminary task in a group, when watching it back I realised that I did not follow the rules for example I only stayed on one side of the camer instead of doing a shot reverse shot and over the shoulder shots. So I improved it and added all the rules like 180degree rule.

Here is my improved Preliminary:

Monday, 3 October 2011

Film Outline

Thoughts for my opening sequence!

Name: Whereabouts

Props: Van for the kidnapping
Random objects in the basment
Toys for the girls to play with out side (bikes/ball)

Costumes: Normal clothes (for the children), black clothes for the kidnapper, I would also need a van

Location: -It would start off in the street, two children playing together
-At a house (only showing the hall way and a child's bedroom)
-In the van
-In an old house/ preferably the basement.

Actors: -Young girl- main role (Lara Hansen)
-Other child (Sarah Hansen)
-Kidnapper (Jamie Sunter)

Music: -Sound trake pro
-A record of me playing the piano

Friday, 30 September 2011


In lessons we had to choose a film that had similar opening credits to the way we would like our final pieces to look like. I chose 'The Fall' because I like the way that the names and title, are being shown while there is also action, and it isn't just a black screen.
Here is my timeline that shows all the different names, so that I can have an idea as to when to put what names at what time.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Example 10 - The Shinning

The Shinning  - Horror/thriller

This shot is of the beautiful landscape, the camera is moving in a way over the water, I think someone is filming this while on a water aeroplane, the shot is amazing

The way the camera angles as well makes the viewer feel like they are going on a plane ride to look at all the scenery with the rest of the makers. I also like the reflection and the detail that you can see while flying around

Then you have a shot of the car from a bird’s eye view, and following the car, so you are taken along with these characters journeys

Then there is a shot of along side the car while it is driving, all these shots make you feel more apart of the journey so you are able to fully understand where you are going and how in the middle on no where you are

The angles of these shots are amazing and show the scale of the place that you are driving through

Another note would be that the music that is put in the background is very dramatic the sound is big brass instruments, to then plucking of strings making a big bellow this creates a very tense and mysterious mood and atmosphere. (The music)

You are then right next to the car, like you are almost able to touch them, the credits are rolling on the screen going from bottom to top, this shows that this is quite an old film because of the way there are no special effects of fancy props any where and the font is plain, it is very basic and simple

I like the way it suddenly goes from the grass area to the snowy area the shot is very good

And then right at the end of the opening sequence you see the destination, which in this case is a HUGE empty hotel in the middle of nowhere. This is a good setting for the film and I felt it was a nice journey they took us on to get there

One thing I like about this film is even though it is quite old and doesn’t have any special effects, it is still affective and I understood how dramatic it was, because of the music and the place where they had filmed

Example 9 - Sahara

Sahara - Action packed. drama, comedy

You can tell by this shot that there are big explosions happening, this is exciting but I wouldn’t be able to replicate this because it is a big budget film, but the idea is nice, it also sets the scene for the film. The smoke also makes it hard to see the detail. I think it would be better without so much smoke

I like the way this shot is changing from the scene into a pictures, although I wouldn’t be able to draw out the scene I would like to recreate it with a special effects programme

I like the props in this shot because it shows that this is someone’s working place, it would be easy to recreate and I think the clocks add a good touch

And all the old photos make it seem like it is a adventure film, this is a nice way to show the viewer strait away what sort of film this is going to be. The way the camera pans around the room to show how all the news paper articles are set out is very good

The way the title is being shown in this films beginning is also very nice, as a postcard, and then zooms up on it, nice and different 

Another nice pan up and down around the room, you are able to see what the character is like when shown all the trophies, pictures and other objects in the room

The pictures can also add a humours atmosphere to the movie

The way things are magnified and shows through the glass is a good way to make the beginning more interesting

The cool part of the beginning of this film is the way it always zooms up on the objects to show the clarity, and in this shot it is zooming so that it can show you where the character is in the movie and show you where abouts the character  on his adventure he is on, I feel the first bit was made up well making up to this moment where the film really starts